Me: What is your the Best Thing that has Ever Happened in Your Life? Model: Well, It has not happened yet-the Best is Yet to Be!

She was as Frail as a Fine Bone China Tea Cup…



Hal Harrison out did himself on Coordinating this shoot! 8 Talented Models and Amazing Designs by Cindy Taylor and Gorgeous Makeup by Jamie L. O’Neill with Skull Sugar Cosmetics….Models: Laurisa Laurisa, Tashianna Brown, Amy Schmadeka, Audrina Hahn, Brittney Peyonne Church, Madison Coco, Miriam Ann Howard & Christina Green.   The  is a visual delight.   Here are a few of the Colorful Pics I captured at Sunrise-Enjoy!

oliday Express:Oaks Park-Portland Oregon


oliday Express:Oaks Park-Portland Oregon


Holiday Express:Oaks Park-Portland Oregon


Holiday Express:Oaks Park-Portland Oregon

Holiday Express:Oaks Park-Portland Oregon

Making a Memory…

Watch Your Step Santa!

Naughty or Nice?

Showing off for Santa…

Santa’s Girl’s #1

Santa’s Girls BW

Santa’s Little Helper

All Aboard…



OMG what an amazing day- I almost forgot what it is like to live outside of the Suburbs!

Landed in Cannon Beach near noon w/ warm sun & a crisp hint of Fall in the breeze.  After an incredible deep tissue massage & chat with the local Gallery owner walked down to a highly recommended Restaurant: The Irish Table.

First come first serve no reservations taken and I was the first in line soon to be followed by many others.  The menu was filled w/delight from a potato leek soup w/ just a dash of spice to Irish Porkchops that one could write home about to a chocolate pot w/crumbled pistachio nuts & a homemade shortbread cookie not to mention the Scotch list swirling w/nuances from Apricots to Honey & Oregon Pinots to suit any palette!

I shared my meal & enjoyed delightful conversation then quickly paid the tab and hoofed it down to the Ocean to catch the last glimpse of sunset.  I missed the peak moment but enjoyed every minute of the walk back w/the smell of early bonfire & the burn in my lungs from tromping heavy footed through the sand following the mass exodus leaving the beach after the sunset w/ears aching from the wind I headed back to my room!

Best news of all- I get to do this again tomorrow!


I never dreamed that I would be writing my first Post w/out some Fabulous image attached and the only reason there is no Incredible image attached is because I still have not learned my lesson.  I made a decision to attend the Steve Martin &  Steep Canyon Rangers Bluegrass Concert w/out camera in hand tonight!   I let myself feel pressured once again to not lug it around so that I would not be distracting others & could just enjoy the concert w/my husband.  But I know me & there is no way I could enjoy a concert while looking at a missed photo opportunity right before my eyes. 

I arrive only to discover that my seat was almost front row with a clear-close up view of the stage,  musicians, Fabulous artistic vignettes everywhere with all of the incredible lights, instruments, famous faces &  firelights flitting around on a well lit stage-it was more than a photographer could bear.  It was like a Photographers feast had been set before me & I had left my utensils at home! 

I hope this time that I have really learned my lesson to Never leave my camera at home regardless of how inconvenient it would be to bring it!  Missed opportunities are the worst.  Doing the only thing  that I could do in my failed moment, I reached over and  took my husbands cell phone & snapped a few crummy pics!  As soon as I had recorded the moment, no matter how poorly, I was then able to  relax & enjoy the concert.   While the trees swayed & the moon glowed an orange slice grin above me, I knew that I gave it my next best and in the moment that was all I had to give.

I encourage you if you don’t have all the right tools or words or skills when you need them most-give it a try anyway at least you will know looking back that you gave it all you had in the moment & sometimes that is where we have to Start Learning the Lesson!


This is what happens when you chose to leave your camera at home so that you can just enjoy the evening listening to music w/your spouse-Looks Like I have yet to learn the Lesson:Never Leave home w/out your camera or you get this-Crappy Cell phone pic!
Steve Martin Bluegrass Concert